A modern infrastructure for the development of SAFIR

The SAFIR insert will significantly enhance the capabilities of the multi-modality animal imaging lab at ETH/UZH IBT and the ETH Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences (IPW). A significant number of biomedical research projects will benefit from this new and unique hybrid system.

Animal Imaging Center

The Animal Imaging Center at the Zurich Center for Imaging Science and Technology accomodates the pre-clinical MR scanner in which SAFIR will be inserted. The center provides a multimodal platform for small animal imaging and is specialized on research of complex biochemical and biophysical in living organisms.


Getting to know the pre-clinical MR scanner at AIC

Getting to know the pre-clinical MR scanner at AIC

Testing Lab

The IPP group at ETH has extensive expertise in the areas of precision high rate front-end electronics, fast and high throughput data acquisition systems handling high data rates, combined with advanced statistical and data analysis tools optimizing the quality of the reconstructed information. The testing lab is used for hardware studies, i.e. charactarization of individial MPPCs coupled to LYSO crystals.

Test setup dSiPM with ²²Na source

Test setup dSiPM with ²²Na source

  • Measurement of crystal light yields

  • Measurement of energy resolution

  • Measurement of saturation performance of different SiPM sensors